Experiences with the easycap DC60 audio and video capture adapter on Linux

This Blog is dedicated to all owners of the STK1160 chip based EasyCAP (or identical) devices, who want to use it under Linux.

Activating audio for the STK1160 device: read the this post

German speaking users: read my article on ubuntuusers.de

The EasyCAP DC60 and its clones are cheap little USB analogue capturing devices which can be used for viewing and recording video under Linux from different sources like VHS tape recorders, satellitereceivers, camcorders ...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Get started

You have bought a cheap EasyCAP device for capturing video (e.g. ripping old VHS tapes) and now you want to know, how to get it to work, right?

This is the right site for you if you want to use your EasyCAP on Linux.

And this is even the right site for you if you want to use any analogue video capture device on Linux.

Start on the Quickstart page.

If you want to get answers, how to use the EasyCAP on Windows you have to search for somewhere else.

I've uploaded a new Zenity based script for viewing and capturing analogue video on Linux called tvcap-script.sh.
On the tvcap page there is a detailed description of this script.

Merry Christmas
and a happy new year!


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