Experiences with the easycap DC60 audio and video capture adapter on Linux

This Blog is dedicated to all owners of the STK1160 chip based EasyCAP (or identical) devices, who want to use it under Linux.

Activating audio for the STK1160 device: read the this post

German speaking users: read my article on ubuntuusers.de

The EasyCAP DC60 and its clones are cheap little USB analogue capturing devices which can be used for viewing and recording video under Linux from different sources like VHS tape recorders, satellitereceivers, camcorders ...

Friday, April 22, 2011


updated: April 2011
  • it supports all the three different types of the easyCAP DC60 device
    see the Devices page, to identify your device
  • For a quick installation guide see the Install page.
  • I modified the recording script. Now it is an easy solution to invoke the viewing applications (mplayer, vlc and tvtime), or to make recordings.
    It can be downloaded from the Recording page.
More detailed information can be found in the open discussion on the drivers page

This Blog is dedicated to all owners of the EasyCAP DC60 or identical device, who want to use it under Linux.

The device has some limitations, but it is a good solution for viewing and even capturing from any analog video source under Linux.

Andrew (alias Professor Schalk)


  1. - I have a bit different model, 4 video inputs + 1 audio input.
    - It's the same ID 05e1:0408 Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd
    - It starts with the stk11xx driver, but the video shows out of sync.
    - I tryied this tutorial. With fedora 11, I just needed to create a symlink to a different kernel source path.
    - Test don't work. It creates easycap0 and easysnd1.
    I can't cat easycap0, with "Invalid Argument" error

  2. I know about this issue but i do not own this device:
    The four video input model has the same ID but is somehow different than the two video input model. See this site from the "STK1160 support" thread.


    The right driver for you is the stk11xx driver.

    On this thread, there is another easycapdc60 related discussion.


    Please report if you are successful.

    Note. If you install the stk11xx driver, be sure to remove (./uninstall) the easycap driver before, to avoid conflicts.

    After installing and plugging in the device run
    on the commandline. Her you can see if the device is registered from the driver.
    Before starting any viewing application run
    chmod a+rw /dev/video0
    as root, else you wont see any picture.
    As far as i know stk11xx does not support audio



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